The Su’entu winery

Su’entu in the Sardinian language means “the wind”: wind that purifies the air, sweeps away the clouds and brings the good weather, wind that gathers fragrances and carries them long distances.
Wind that blows across our land, Sardinia’s Marmilla region, meeting no obstacles, as if here and always it has been most welcome.


It has taken us years of hard work to bring this land back to life: we ploughed it, fertilized it, planted and cultivated it. After thousands of years these places have come back to life, have become productive again and are now what they are today: magic places, a sanctuary for the soul and a citadel of the senses.
It is in this special place that we have set up our winery; here is where we cultivate a dream and share it by means of our wines. Our wines are produced in small quantities; they are precious and rare, rich in the fragrance of our land carried far away by the blowing of our wind.

The Pilloni family

Not only wine

Su’entu does not only mean good wine and respect for the land and tradition: it also means development and promotion.

Development and promotion


Su’entu means development: thanks to a project for expansion our goal is to make our winery the point of reference for tourism based on the wine and food of our land and a centre of social and cultural gatherings.

Su’entu means accentuation of history


this through the project for restoration of the nuraghe on our lands.

Su’entu means promotion of the land


this thanks to an increase in accommodations for visitors in rural areas.

Today, the entire family is involved in developing the project and is determined to make the dream brought by the wind come true.

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