Su’entu, people and wines that will be history.

Along with the Su’entu Winery we are writing our history.


It is a fascinating story where tradition and innovation blend with the determination and with the passion of our family and that of all the women and the men who work with us every day to make our winery flourish.
In our bottles you will discover not only those excellent wines but also something more profound: a dream that has come true, a growing passion, the heart and soul of a winery called Su’entu.

To turn a dream into reality there must be the passion to do so and the entrepreneurial capacity to bring it to life.


The Su’entu Winery is the result of Salvatore Pilloni‘s dream, the dream of putting into production the rolling hills that every day attracted his attention and stimulated his imagination.

Ancient lands with a wealth of history and traditions, ideal for grape growing. Today that dream is Su’entu and gives its name to all our wines.

We chose to identify our wines only through the name of the company.


This is because we want to emphasize the close bond to our land and underscore that all our wines come exclusively from our vineyards.

Many people, but all with a single objective: the production of high-quality wines destined to conquer the palate and heart of those who love good wine.


In our bottles you will find not only excellent wines, but also something more profound: a dream come true, the hard work and passion of all those who every day put their hearts and souls into the growth of the Su’entu Winery.

Cantina SuEntu: Salvatore Pilloni in barricaia.

The founder, Salvatore Pilloni

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