The stage of Sardinia’s history

La Cantina Su’entu si trova a pochi chilometri dal comune di Sanluri, una città che custodisce un’antichissima tradizione agricola. Lo stesso toponimo Sanluri deriva dalle parole logu de lori, il posto del grano: un evidente omaggio alla fertilità del terreno che ne faceva, ieri come oggi, un luogo ideale per tutti i tipi di coltivazione.of crops.

Geographically, Sanluri is part of the Marmilla region, an ancient land dotted with prehistoric settlements, an economic and strategic point of reference for centuries and as such well defended as can be seen in the many remains of fortresses built to defend towns, plateaus and hills.


Here, in the slow passing of time, Prenuragic, Nuragic, Punic and Roman peoples alternated and superimposed themselves one on the other. Then in the Middle Ages came the people of Arborea with their coat of arms bearing a tree with its roots exposed and the Aragonese with the yellow and red of the Catalan banners. And then came the Piemontese, the Kingdom of Sardinia, and up to today.

Every population has left signs of its presence, sometimes hidden among the ears of wheat on farmland and sometimes standing out like the nuragic fortresses of Barumini and Mogoro or the medieval castles of Las Plassas and Sanluri.

A place where history has never stopped to rest. A land that is hilly but with slopes so gentle as to suggest to the ancient inhabitants a mother’s breast, and this is the origin of the Marmilla place name. Still today, on walking through our vineyards we can breathe the tranquillity and joy of long-ago memories that link us to our infancy.

Today, the gentle slopes of these hills play host to our vineyards. From our work and enthusiasm come to light the wines that the Su’entu Winery produces for you.

The best-selling wines

Vermentino +
Brut Bianco
Brut Rose

The road to Su’entu

The winery is just a few kilometres from Sanluri in the area known as Nuraxi Pusceddu. It has an extension of fifty hectares, of which thirty-two are vineyards. The area, mostly hilly, has a long tradition of vineyard cultivation. In the next few years all our efforts will go into the production of high-quality wines with a strong territorial connotation on the one hand and the promotion of the territory and an increase in tourist accommodations on the other. We are sure that the path we have chosen will take us a long way and hope you will take it with us, stopping now and again to taste one of our wines. For us, it will be an unforgettable experience, a commitment to quality and a wonderful adventure.

Types of grapes planted
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