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New barrique-aged Bovale Grappa

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Who we are

“Our story is timeless: past and future merge into a present consisting of research, hard work and passion.”
“Our family farming history dates back to the beginning of the 1950s, when our grandfather Ernesto Pilloni, owner of farming land and vineyards, used to grow Nuragus and Monica grapes.

The territory

Su’entu winery is located a few kilometers from the small town of Sanluri, where agricultural tradition dates back in history. The name of the town itself originates from the words logu de lori, i.e. the land of wheat: a tribute to this area soil fertility which has made it the ideal place for growing all sorts of crops until today.

The winery

“On the hills of the Marmilla region, for generations our family has cherished and farmed the land.”
These gentle slopes and their incredibly rich soil, although quite hard to cultivate, have always provided for the local people and have always been particularly suited for agricultural production.

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