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New barrique-aged Bovale Grappa

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Su’entu winery is located a few kilometers from the small town of Sanluri, where agricultural tradition dates back in history. The name of the town itself originates from the words logu de lori, i.e. the land of wheat: a tribute to this area soil fertility which has made it the ideal place for growing all sorts of crops until today.

Here history has never taken a break.

Sanluri is geographically nestled within the Marmilla sub-region, an ancient territory dotted with prehistoric settlements which has been a point of reference both strategically and commercially since ancient times,

hence well-guarded and protected, as is proved by the many ruins of fortresses built as a defence for the towns and the surrounding plateaus and hills.

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This land, where time has always moved very slowly, was once inhabited by the pre-Nuragic, Nuragic, Punic and Roman people before falling under domination by the Arborea and the Aragonese rulers in medieval times and by the Savoy and the Kingdom of Sardinia subsequently.
Each civilization left their marks, at times hidden in the fields amongst wheat ears, other times more visibly such as with the Nuragic fortresses of Barumini and Villanovaforru or with the medieval castles of Sanluri and
Las Plassas.


The contours of the land, marked by such gentle slopes that reminded the ancient inhabitants of a maternal breast, give origin to this region name: Marmilla.
The area clayey-limestone soil is poor yet perfect for the vine as it finds the ideal conditions to produce grapes from which high-quality wines are made.

A natural setting for grapevines.

The typical Mediterranean climate is characterized by mild winters and dry summers along with day-night temperature contrasts which are a real blessing for viticulture. The characteristic wind completes the job: from very early in the morning it dries the night humidity and protects our vines from rot and bacteria development.

“Our family has always loved Sanluri, because it is our home. We have always trusted this land and its potential.
For this reason, we were never deterred from working hard in an effort to bring nature back to its ancient magnificence. It’s no coincidence that we were the first to produce a wine in here, Bovale, under the Marmilla Igt Typical Geographical Indication.”

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Thanks to the favorable conditions for viticulture that this land has always offered since after World War Two,
Sanluri has had its own cooperative winery, the so-called Cantina Sociale “Marmilla” where in the heyday independent growers used to supply grapes in quantities equaling half of today’s Sardinia total crop. Unfortunately, in the ‘90s the cooperative winery ceased its operations causing 2,000 hectares of land under vine to disappear.
A little less than 20 years after, the establishment of Su’entu represented a milestone in the revival of a tradition which otherwise might have been lost forever.

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