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New barrique-aged Bovale Grappa

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“On the hills of the Marmilla region, for generations our family has cherished and farmed the land.”

These gentle slopes and their incredibly rich soil, although quite hard to cultivate, have always provided for the local people and have always been particularly suited for agricultural production.

Salvatore Pilloni decided to pursue his dream right here, and in 2009, when the first vines where planted, life reflourished more abundantly than ever before. The fauna gradually repopulated and, today, it is right in this most thriving natural environment that our winery is situated.

Between history and nature

The estate is situated a few kilometers from Sanluri across the two areas known as Nuraghe Pusceddu and Nuraghe Cuccuru is Bingias and encompasses a total of 80 hectares (197 acres). 32 of them are planted with vines grown according to sustainable farming principles from both an environmental and a social perspective.

White grape plantings


Red grape plantings


The winery building, designed by two young and talented architects, is the result of the perfect union between a production site and a facility conceived for hospitality within each space.

The building is a square plan wrapping a central courtyard reminiscent of the typical country houses of the Campidano plain.

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The layout of the winery design allows to follow the production process without compromising on the view over the surrounding landscape.
At the core of this concept, which earned Su’ entu the prestigious Wine&Landscape Architecture award at Vinitaly 2018, is the constant interchange between spaces and sensations.

“Visitors to the winery are constantly immersed in our daily activities, emotions and environment.
Everything has been designed to deliver an experience made of learning, sharing and pleasure.”

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