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New barrique-aged Bovale Grappa

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“Our story is timeless: past and future merge into a present consisting of research, hard work and passion.”

“Our family farming history dates back to the beginning of the 1950s, when our grandfather Ernesto Pilloni, owner of farming land and vineyards, used to grow Nuragus and Monica grapes.

He lately focused his activities on the trade of cereals and pulse grains and was soon joined by his sons. Over the following 40 years, the family worked in the trade sector.”

Nature as inspiration

We went to great efforts for a decade to work the limestone-clay soils of Marmilla, the sub-region where our vines are grown; but the beauty of the area and the distinctive wind that constantly blows, strongly motivated us while being a true source of inspiration.
The name of our winery, Su’entu, means ‘wind’ in the local Sardinian language: a tribute to this natural element synonymous with freedom, change and life.

A big family

Today the winery is run by Valeria, Roberta and Nicola Pilloni, supported by a young team of vine growers and cellarmen set up and supervised by our experienced agronomist and enologist. We set out on this journey all together and saw our competences improve and our passion increase day by day.
Thanks to the commitment and professionalism of everyone in the team, Su’entu today exports its wines all over the world.

“A bottle holds inside a full year of sacrifice and hard work. By means of a bottle we take our territory and entire region, Sardinia, around the world. My passion for wine built slowly. At the beginning going into wine was a challenge. Then it became a great passion.”
Roberta Pilloni

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