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Easter Monday among the rows of the vineyard

On April 1st we celebrate Easter Monday with our special event “Pasquetta en Rose”, the event dedicated to our Bovale rosé Nina Rosé with a day immersed in the greenery of the spring rows. The event is scheduled to start at 11am and will continue until 7pm. The day will be characterized by guided tastings, street food, lots of music and entertainment for the little ones.
If you want to know the complete program, follow our social channels or send us an email to

Intervention financed with Public Notice Fund (R)exist with P.O.R. resources SARDINIA FSE 2014/2020 for a value of €37,915.00.
Intervention financed with POR FESR resources 2014-2020 - Public tender "Services for Innovation" - Single Project Code (CUP)

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