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Marmilla is a subregion of Sardinia, in the Centre-South of the island. It borders with the Campidano plain to the West, the Trexenda district to the South, the Sarcidano plateau to the East and the Barigadu and Mandrolisai districts to the North. This cradle of history, myths and traditions is surrounded by sites of natural interest such as the volcanic plateaus (“Giara”) of Tuili and Siddi and Mount Arci, which forms its northern boundary with its vast obsidian deposits.

Thanks to its geographical position and the characteristics of its soils, Marmilla has always been an ideal place for farming, and it was considered to be the Granary of Rome in ancient times. The area still has many traditional wheat-based products, such as Sanluri bread and wonderful assortment of dried pastas, in some cases only made in one specific town, such as “lorighittas”.

Historically, this region has also been famous for its pulses and its wine. Its calcareous clay soil is poor in nutrients but excellent for vines, as it provides the ideal conditions for growing grapes which yield outstanding wines. It is no coincidence that until the 1970s this small area had no fewer than three cooperative wineries.

The Su’entu estate is a few kilometres from the town of Sanluri, the heart of the Marmilla district and custodian of its ancient farming tradition. The name Sanluri itself derives from the words logu de lori, meaning place of wheat.

“Our family have always loved Sanluri, because it’s our home; we’ve always believed in this land and its potential. So we’ve willingly embraced the hard work involved in returning the natural environment to its past splendour and we were the first to produce a wine, Bovale, with the Marmilla Igt denomination.”

Roberta Pilloni

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