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Our pact with our land
People often think that farming and nature are inevitably at loggerheads, but in our case they are lovingly intertwined in a wonderful story which proves that human undertakings can actually be good for the environment.
The hill on which Su'entu stands today was once covered with vineyards, but from the 1970s onwards it was gradually abandoned and the landscape became so harsh that its wildlife disappeared due to a lack of resources. Even though the zone was (and still is) part of a Nature Reserve, there was very little wild fauna left.
The return of the land to cultivation and the creation of our vineyard provided a fresh opportunity for reintroducing wildlife, which finds water, food and shelter amongst our vines. With our agronomist’s invaluable support, we constantly monitor the birds and small mammals on the estate: partridge, woodcock, snipe, cattle egret, fox, hare and weasel are just some of the fourteen species recorded.
Our constant commitment to protecting the natural environment is reflected in our adoption of precision farming techniques, which enable us to optimise our procedures, the circular management of raw materials, and the use of renewable energy, especially that from our photovoltaic plant, which makes us virtually self-sufficient at various times of year.
Sostenibilità del territorio nelle cantine Su'Entu
Specie ornitologiche protette convivono con il territorio delle cantine Su'Entu
I filari delle viti nella azienda agricola Su'Entu sono coltivati nel pieno rispetto dell'accrescimento naturale della pianta
“Our approach to sustainability has always included caring not only for our natural surroundings but also for all the area’s heritage: human, cultural and professional. Training young people from the local community under the expert eye of our agronomist has always been one of our key aims. We have founded and developed our estate to be a place where generations can put their skills to the test to build their future.”

Intervention financed with Public Notice Fund (R)exist with P.O.R. resources SARDINIA FSE 2014/2020 for a value of €37,915.00.
Intervention financed with POR FESR resources 2014-2020 - Public tender "Services for Innovation" - Single Project Code (CUP)

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