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Marmilla wines



The nose is intense and complex, revealing notes of honey and yellow flowers.
The palate is inviting and marked with a persistent savory edge and saline minerality that keep the wine pleasantly refreshing.

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Bovale Marmilla rosso IGT

This assertive wine gives powerful aromatics of red fruit preserved in alcohol intertwined with spice accents.
Well-rounded, warm and plush with soft tannins. The wine flavorful notes from the nose are also refl ected on the palate.

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This wine reveals enticing floral notes and red berry aromas joined by sweet resina on the finish.
The palate is accessible with a lovely freshness supported by softened, floral tannins.

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Wind, history, life

The hill on which the Su’entu estate stands is constantly caressed by the wind. This breeze that blows from the sea and across the Campidano plain, and which has given its name to the Winery, keeps the vines healthy and bestows a distinctive tang on the grapes.

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Our pact with our land
15 native
bird species

Our estate lies inside a Reserve where nature is free to flourish and a number of species that had left the area have now returned to nest again.

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90 hectares
of land reclaimed

The Marmilla hills where the estate stands have been reclaimed and brought back under cultivation. Vines, olive trees and natural vegetation now thrive in an area once dominated by rocks and scrub.

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100 kW
of photovoltaic energy

Protecting resources is fundamental in an environment like ours: our investment in renewable energy sources has enabled us to optimise with no impact on the landscape.

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Vinitaly returns from 14 to 17 April

The appointment with Vinitaly returns from 14 to 17 April, […]

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Easter Monday among the rows of the vineyard

On April 1st we celebrate Easter Monday with our special […]

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The appointment with the stars in marmilla returns on March 24th

Final preparations for the new 2024 edition of “Le Stelle […]

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