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The Su’entu estate occupies 90 hectares of land in the Marmilla hills. It includes vineyards, olive groves, a vegetable garden, the winery and Arieddas, the Estate’s restaurant.
The winery is supplied by 40 hectares of vineyards constantly exposed to the wind, a precious input for growing quality grapes. In fact, the breeze which blows from the sea over the Campidano plain keeps the vines healthy and gives the fruit a distinctive tang. The specific day-night temperature variation in this area helps to ensure optimal ripening, and to maintain the grapes’ characteristics intact harvesting takes place at night, by hand for the finest labels. This enables us to ensure, during the ageing process, that the unique characters of our terroir and our vineyards are fully expressed.
Il ristorante Arieddas
The vineyards and the estate

Each of our 11 labels has its own vineyard, chosen as ideal for creating wines derived from specific crus on the estate. Today Su’entu makes two sparkling, three white, one rosé, four red and one straw wines, which embody all the personality of the Marmilla district and its environment.

White grape varieties planted:

Red grape varieties planted:


Intervention financed with Public Notice Fund (R)exist with P.O.R. resources SARDINIA FSE 2014/2020 for a value of €37,915.00.
Intervention financed with POR FESR resources 2014-2020 - Public tender "Services for Innovation" - Single Project Code (CUP)

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