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La storia della famiglia Pilloni e della cantina Su'entu
The story

Pilloni's family farming history dates back to the beginning of the 1950s, when the grandfather Ernesto Pilloni, owner of farming land and vineyards, used to grow Nuragus and Monica grapes. He lately focused his activities on the trade of cereals and pulse grains and was soon joined by his sons. Over the following 40 years, the family worked in the trade sector.

However, as we all know, the call of the land is strong, and so Ernesto’s third child, Salvatore, the winery’s founder, decided to return to his native soil to consolidate his already strong bond with his land and his roots. His children followed in his footsteps and what was initially only a dream soon became a family passion and a major business project.

“Working the land and making the best use of its fruits is a family tradition, and we’re delighted to have given new life to this value set, with regard not only to wines but also to our small olive oil output and the raw materials for the Estate’s Restaurant, Arieddas”

Salvatore Pilloni

Today the winery is run by Valeria, Roberta and Nicola Pilloni, supported by a young team of vine growers and cellarmen set up and supervised by our experienced agronomist and enologist. We set out on this journey all together and saw our competences improve and our passion increase day by day. Thanks to the commitment and professionalism of everyone in the team, Su’entu today exports its wines all over the world.

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