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The appointment with the stars in marmilla returns on March 24th

Final preparations for the new 2024 edition of “Le Stelle in Marmilla”, organized by the Su’entu winery and now in its fourth edition. Guests of the day on the Marmilla hills were Chef Giovanni Pireddu, originally from Villaurbana, but long since transplanted to France where he leads the kitchen of his restaurant “Tentazioni”, in the heart of Bordeaux and awarded the Michelin Star and in 15th place as best restaurant Italian in the world of the 50 Top Italy. The second chef Giuliano Baldessari, born in Trentino, raised in the kitchens of “Il Luogo” of Aimo and Nadia and of “Le Calandre”, since 2014 has created his “Aqua Crua” not far from Vicenza, a temple of cuisine that attracts enthusiasts from all over Italy and beyond, awarded with the Michelin Star since 2015. The third guest arrives from the room and is the sommelier Luca Gardini, Romagna DOC, Best Sommelier in Italy 2004, Best Sommelier in Europe 2009 and Best Sommelier of the World 2010, today managing the Wine Guide of “L’Espresso”.

The start of the event is scheduled for 11:00, from which it will be possible to start tasting Su’entu wines, at 12:00 in the conference room there will be space for in-depth analysis with the tasting dedicated to Bovale, under the guidance of Luca Gardini and the journalists Francesco Bruno Fadda and Lara De Luna, and the administrator of Su’entu Valeria Pilloni. From 1.00pm in the tasting room and on the panoramic terrace, the starred street food curated by chefs Pireddu and Baldassari will begin, each of whom will offer two dishes. From the afternoon there will be space for show cooking: at 3pm Chef Pireddu will cook and talk with Giulia Salis and the founder of Su’entu Salvatore Pilloni, while at 4pm Chef Giuliano Baldessari will be in the company of journalist Ivan Paone and Roberta Pilloni. At 5pm on the terrace there will be the live closing of the day with the notes of Laura Cabras. The event is expected to close at 7pm.

Valeria and Roberta Pilloni who lead Su’entu, underline how: “Le Stelle in Marmilla is an event we are particularly fond of, having starred chefs, great wine experts and journalists with us is an opportunity for growth in which guests bring their own story and experience.”

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